What is EMB?

  • As an open sourced project blockchain, EMB adopts Delegated Proof of Stake and decentralized governance protocol, realizing cross-chain transaction and the intelligent contract decentralized encryption storage.


IPFS storage protocol

Delegated Proof of Stake

Cross-chain transaction

Blockchain Ready for Business

  • Construct a Global small Video Social platform
    Spread without nationality, socializing regardless of race
  • Construct DAPP ecology
    In the standard, safe, stable environment, realizing one-click coin
  • Enterprise blockchain services
    EMB also provides customized solutions for enterprise clients

Unique Value

Distributed storage protocol

Using IPFS Storage Protocol

Cross-chain transaction

one-click coin transmission of cross-chain

x86 Virtual Machine

EMB’s x86 Virtual Machine will support C, C++, Rust, Python and other widely used programming languages, facilitating mainstream adoption of smart contract development

Emb mechanism

Using DPOS mechanism, the ecological storage staking of EMB based on IPFS is built, and the video is synchronized into IPFS network

Emb social short video platform

Based on the D-centralization , a short social video system of blockchain staking is constructed

Development resources

EMB also provides mature development resources for blockchain and app development

Release Brief

EMB Release Brief

EMB 欧拉币


EMB development roadmap

Project Debriefing

  • Project establishment
  • Assemble a technical team
  • Research Group on distributed Storage of short Video
2018 - Q4

R & D Progress

  • Determine the technical architecture
  • Discovery ICEX
  • Finished the first version of whitepaper
  • Develop Wallet
  • Project official website launched
  • EMB launched public
2019 - Q2

Application integration

  • Dapp game launched
  • Public testnet
  • Mainnet integration after a few months of testing
2019 - Q3

Mainnet integration

  • EMB Mainnet integration
  • Building EMB Global staking
2020 - Q1